Dance Like Everybody’s Watching

That’s her name.
It describes her laugh, too.
And her movement.
She’s a ballet dancer, after all.
And every ballet dancer needs a portrait.
Well, portraits—one is never enough.
Of course, they have to be worthy of a dancer’s art.
So while I played with light, Melody played with expressions.
Lots of them, endlessly inventive ones.
We made for a great collaboration.
I hope you enjoy.

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Stay Wild

neilson family kids teens photography bay area photographer portrait headshot freckles eyes

Between the Bay Area and the blue border of the Pacific ocean, the Santa Cruz Mountains stretch for over 50 miles. Skyline/CA 35 traces the spine of that ridge, from Fort Funston and Redwood City, through Crystal Springs and Portola Valley, to Palo Alto and Saratoga—and beyond. The country is gorgeous along Skyline. Grasslands and chaparral. Douglas fir, oak, and redwood trees. Families live in these mountains. Among them, my family on my wife’s side. They’re good people, all told. They ride quads and play soccer. They zip line among oak trees. They raise cats and dogs. That freckled teen above is my niece. She’s growing like a cornstalk in a field. I wish many good things for her. But mainly, I hope she stays wild in the mountains for years to come.

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Young Lady. Bug.

bay area san jose alum rock park family photography lady bug bokeh

Alum Rock Park.
Eastern foothills of San Jose.
Blue sky, sparse trees, yellow leaves.
A successful family shoot was in the books.
As I was putting my gear away, Young Lady squealed happily.
She showed me Bug, delighted by the creepy crawly.
I was, too: the red focal point made a good scene.
Not to mention its play with the red scarf.
At f/1.8 my 85mm came to life,
Clicking like an insect.
I like the result.

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